Dear visitor, I have worked as Technical Design Authority  for CAP Gemini , BT , MOD and for Central Government Departments on several diverse projects in Private and Public sector between 1999 and 2006.

While working as Security TDA at my current Government Department client, I have helped to work out the short, medium and long-term strategy for secure deployment of cross government shared services. 

In the production of the Outsource Security Requirement  I was involved in the production of the current Risk Profile. I have Robust experience of highly available infrastructure / hosting / data centre architectures.

I have been involved in the technical security risk management of IS / IT services, particularly with regard to multi-client B2B services, as my client has many links to business partners.

In the TDA role I was a technical resource for enumerating the connection logs between two departments prior to separation" to enumerate and optimise the ruleset for the Interdepartmental Firewall Ruleset.

My speciality is now in Security Architecture and Audit. My old site which details 12 years of TDA and Technical support can be found off the link below :-

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